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Stock Yeast Good For Years

When the weather is moderately warm in autumn or the spring, take of
your best stock yeast that has fermented about twenty four hours, and
stir it thick with the coarsest middlings of wheat flour, add small
quantity of whiskey, in which, previously dissolve a little salt, when
you have stirred the middlings with a stick, rub it between your hands
until it becomes pretty dry, then spread it out thin, on a board to dry
in the sun ... rubbing once or twice in the day between your hands until
it is perfectly dry, which will be in three or four good days--taking it
in at night before the dew falls--when it is properly dried, put it up
in a paper and keep it in a dry airy place for use.

Thus yeast will keep good, if free from moisture, for any length of
time, and it is the only effectual mode of preserving stock yeast pure
and sweet ... when put up conformably to the foregoing instructions, the
distiller may always rely on having it good, and depend on a good turn
out of his grain, provided he manages the other parts of his distilling
equally well.

About two hours before you mean to use the dried yeast, the mode is to
take two gills, place it in any convenient vessel, and pour thereon
milk-warm water, stir and mix it well with the yeast, and in two or
three hours good working yeast will be produced.

In the spring every distiller ought to make as much as would serve 'till
fall, and every fall as much as will serve thro' the winter, reckoning
on the use of one pint per week, three gills being sufficient to start
as much stock yeast as will serve a common distillery one week.

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