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These are sometimes very troublesome at the time of ripening, and
especially the oriole is a "hard customer," as he will generally dip
his bill into every berry; often ruining a fine bunch, or a number of
them, in a short time. I have therefore been compelled to wage a war
upon some of the feathered tribe, although they are my especial
favorites, and I cannot see a bird's nest robbed. However, there are
some who do not visit the vineyard, except for the purpose of
destroying our grapes, and these can not complain if we "won't stand it
any longer," but take the gun, and retaliate on them. The oriole, the
red bird, thrush, and cat bird are among the number, and although I
would like to spare the latter three, in thankful remembrance of many a
gratuitous concert, the first must take his chance of powder and lead,
for the little rascal is too aggravating. A few dry bushes, raised
above the trellis will serve as their resting place before they
commence their work of destruction, where they can be easily killed.

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