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Originated with Mr. E. BULL, of Concord, Mass. This variety seems to be
the choice of the majority throughout the country, and however much
opinions may differ about its quality, nobody seems to question its
hardiness, productiveness, health and value as a market fruit. Here it
is of very good quality--and our Eastern brethren have no idea what a
really well ripened Missouri grown Concord grape is. It seems to become
better the further it is grown West and South; an observation which I
think applies with equal force to the Hartford Prolific, Norton's
Virginia, Herbemont and others.

Bunch large, heavy shouldered--somewhat compact; berries large, round,
black, with blue bloom; buttery, sweet and rich _here_, when well
ripened; with very thin skin and tender pulp. A strong and vigorous
grower; with healthy, hardy foliage; free from mildew, and but slightly
subject to rot; succeeds well in almost any soil; and is, so far, the
most profitable grape we grow. A fine market fruit, and also makes a
fine, light red wine, which is generally preferred to the Catawba. Can
be easily grown from cuttings.

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