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Cynthiana (red River)

Origin unknown--said to come from Arkansas. This grape promises fair to
become a dangerous rival to Norton's Virginia, which variety it
resembles so closely in wood and foliage, that it is difficult if not
impossible to distinguish it from that variety. The bunch and berry are
of the same color as Norton's Virginia, but somewhat larger, and more
juicy; sweeter, with not quite as much astringency, and perhaps a few
days earlier. Makes an excellent dark red wine, with not as much
astringency, but even more delicate aroma, and was pronounced the "best
red wine on exhibition," at the last meeting of the State Horticultural
Society, where it was in competition with eight samples of the Norton's
Virginia. A strong grower, and productive; as difficult to propagate as
the Norton. Mr. FULLER evidently has not the true variety, when he
calls it worthless, and identical with the Chippewa and Missouri, from
both of which it is entirely distinct.

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