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Herbemont (herbemont Madeira Warren)

Origin uncertain. Wherever this noble grape will succeed and fully
ripen, it is hard to find a better, for table, as well as for wine. Its
home seems to be the South; and I think it will become one of the
leading varieties, as soon as the new order of things has been fully
established, and free, intelligent labor has taken the place of the
drudging, dull toil of the slave. It is particularly fond of warm,
southern exposures, with light limestone soil, and it would be useless
to plant it on soil retentive of moisture. Bunch long, large shouldered
and compact; berry medium, black, with blue bloom--"bags of wine," as
Downing fitly calls them; skin thin, sweet flesh, without pulp, juicy
and high flavored, never clogs the palate; fine for the table, and
makes an excellent wine, which should be pressed immediately after
mashing the grapes, when it will be white, and of an exquisite flavor;
generally ripens about same time as Catawba. A very vigorous and
healthy grower, but tender in rich soils, and should be protected in
winter. Extremely productive.

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