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This new grape, grown from the seed of the Concord, by that
enthusiastic and warm-hearted horticulturist, SAMUEL MILLER, of
Lebanon, Pa., promises to be one of the greatest acquisitions to our
list of really hardy and good grapes, which have lately come before the
public. It has fruited with me the last extremely unfavorable season,
and has stood the hardest test any grape could be put to, without
flinching. Bunch medium, but compact and heavy, shouldered; berry pale
yellow, covered with a white bloom; perhaps a trifle smaller than the
Concord; round; pulpy, but sweet as honey, with only enough of the foxy
aroma to give it character; juicy--very good. I esteem it more highly
than any other white grape I have, as it has the healthy habit and
vigorous growth of its parent, and promises to make an excellent white
wine. Hangs to the bunch well, and will ripen some days before the

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