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Norton's Virginia (norton's Seedling Virginia Seedling)

Originated by DR. N. NORTON, of Richmond, Virginia. This grape has
opened a new era in American grape culture, and every successive year
but adds to its reputation. While the wine of the Catawba is often
compared to Hock, in the wine of Norton's Virginia, we have one of an
entirely different character; and it is a conceded fact that the best
red wines of Europe are surpassed by the Norton as an astringent, dark
red wine, of great body, fine flavor, and superior medical quality.
Vine vigorous and hardy, productive; starting a week later in the
Spring than the Catawba, yet coloring a week sooner; and will succeed
in almost any soil, although producing the richest wine in warm,
southern aspects. Bunches medium, compact; berries small, black, sweet
and rich; with dark bluish red juice; only moderately juicy. Healthy in
all locations, as far as I know, but I doubt its utility in the East,
as I do not think the summers warm and long enough. Seems to attain its
greatest perfection in Missouri, but is universally esteemed in the
West. Very difficult to propagate, as it will hardly grow from cuttings
in open air.

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