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Renewing Old Vines

Should a vine become old and feeble, it can be renewed by layering. The
vine is prepared in the following manner: Prune all the old wood away,
leaving but one of the most vigorous of your canes; then dig a trench
from the vine along the trellis, say three feet long, eight inches
deep; into this bend down the old vine, stump, head and all, fastening
it down with a strong hook, if necessary, letting the end of the young
cane come out about three eyes above the ground, and fill up with rich,
well pulverized soil. The vine will make new roots at every joint, and
become vigorous, and, so to say, young, again. Some recommend this
process for young vines, the first year after planting; but if good
plants have been chosen and planted, it will not be necessary. Feeble
and poor plants may need this process, but if plants have good strong
roots when planted, (and _only_ such should be planted when they can be
obtained), they will not be benefited by it.

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