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The Concord

This grape seems to have given the most general satisfaction all over
the country, and seems to be _the_ "grape for the million." Wherever
heard from, it seems to be uniformly healthy and productive. Our
Eastern friends complain of its inferior quality; this may be owing
partly to their short seasons, and partly to the too early gathering of
the fruit. It is one of those varieties which color early, but should
hang a long time after coloring, to attain its full perfection. Here it
is at least _very_ good; makes an excellent wine, and, if we take into
consideration its enormous productiveness, its vigor and adaptability
to all soils and climates, we must acknowledge that as yet it stands
without a rival, and will be a safe investment almost anywhere. Our
long summers bring it to a perfection of which our Eastern friends have
no idea, until they try it here. It will do well in almost any soil.

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