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Thinning Of The Fruit

This will sometimes be necessary, to more fully develop the bunches.
The best thinning is the reduction of the number of bunches at the time
of the first summer pruning. If a vine shows more fruit, than the vine
dresser thinks it can well ripen, take away all weak and imperfect
shoots, and also all the small and imperfect bunches. If the number of
bunches on the fruit bearing branches is reduced to two on each, it
will be no injury, but make the remaining number of bunches so much
more perfect. Thinning out the berries on the bunches, although it will
serve to make the remaining berries more perfect and larger, is still a
very laborious process, and will hardly be followed to any extent in
vineyards, although it can well be practised on the few pet vines of
the amateur, and will certainly heighten the beauty of the bunches and

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