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Treatment Of Flat And Turbid Wine

The cause of this is generally a want of Tannin. If the wine has a
peculiar, flat, soft taste, and looks cloudy, this is generally the
case. Draw the wine into another cask, which has been well sulphured,
and add some pulverized tannin, which can be had in every drug store.
The tannin may be dissolved in water--about an ounce to every two
hundred gallons of wine--and the wine well stirred, by inserting a
stick at the bung. Should it not have become clear after about three
weeks, it should be fined. This can be done, by adding about an ounce
of powdered gum-arabic to each forty gallons, and stirring the wine
well when it has been poured in. Or, take some wine out of the
casks--add to each forty gallons which it contains the whites of ten
eggs, whipped to foam with the wine taken out--pour in the mixture
again--stir up well, and bung up tight. After a week the wine will
generally be clear, and should then be drawn off.

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