To Make A Quarter Of A Hogshead Of Ale And A Hogshead Of Beer Of

cooked Malt.

Take five strike of malt not ground too small; put in some boiling

water, to cover the bottom of your mashing-vat before you put in your

malt; mash it with more boiling water, putting in your malt at several

times, that it may be sure to be all wet alike; cover it with a peck of

wheat bran, then let it stand thus mashed four hours, then draw off

three gallons of wort, and pour it upon that you have mashed, so let it

stand half an hour more, till it runs clear, then draw of all that will

run, and take two quarts of it to begin to work up with the barm, which

must be about a pint and a half--put in the two quarts of wort at three

times to the barm; you need not stir it till you begin to put in the

boiled wort.

You will not have enough to fill your vessel at first; wherefore you

must pour on more boiling water, immediately after the other has done

running, till you have enough to fill a quarter of a hogshead, and then

pour on water for a hogshead of beer.

As soon as the ale wort has run off, put a third part into the

boiler--when it boils up, take off the scum, which you may put upon the

grains for the small beer--when it is skimmed, put in a pound and an

half of hops, having first sifted out the seeds, then put in all the

wort, and let it boil two hours and an half, afterwards strain into two

coolers, and let it stand to cool and settle, then put it to cool a

little at a time, to the barm, and two quarts of wort, and beat it well

together: every time you put the wort in, be sure you keep the settling


Suppose you brew early on Thursday morning, you may tun it at 9 or 10 on

Saturday morning.

Do not fill your vessel quite full, but keep about three gallons to put

in, when it has worked 24 hours, which will make it work again.

As soon as it hath done working, stop it up, put the drink as cool as

you can together; thus it will work well.

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