To Make Elderberry-beer Or Ebulum

Take a hogshead of the first and strong wort, and boil in the same one

bushel of picked Elderberries, full ripe; strain off, and when cold,

work the liquor in the hogshead, and not in an open tun or tub; and

after it has lain in the cask about a year, bottle it; and it will be a

good rich drink, which they call ebulum; and has often been preferred to

portwine, for its pleasant taste, and healthful quality.

N. B. There is no occasion for the use of sugar in this operation;

because the wort has strength and sweetness enough in itself to answer

that end; but there should be an infusion of hops added to the liquor,

by way of preservation and relish.

Some likewise hang a small bag of bruised spices in the vessel.

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