To Mash One Third Rye And Two Thirds Corn

This I deem the most profitable mashing that a distiller can work, and

if he can get completely in the way of working corn and rye in this

proportion, he will find it the easiest process of mashing. That corn

has as much and as good whiskey as rye or any other grain, cannot be

disputed, and the slop or pot ale is much superior to that of any other

grain, for feeding or fattening either horned cattle or hogs--one gallon

of corn pot ale being esteemed worth three of rye, and cattle will

always eat it better--and moreover, corn is always from one to two

shillings per bushel cheaper than rye, and in many places much

plentier--so that by adopting this method and performing it well, the

distiller will find at the close of the year, it has advantages over all

other processes and mixtures of rye and corn, yielding more profit, and

sustaining the flock better. Hogs fatted on this pot ale, will be found

decidedly better than any fatted on the slops of any other kind of


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