To Mash Rye In The Common Mode

Take four gallons cold water to each hogshead, add one gallon malt, stir

it well with your mashing stick, until the malt is thoroughly wet--when

your still boils, put in about sixteen gallons boiling water, then put

in one and an half bushels of chopped rye, stirring it effectually,

until there is no lumps in it, then cover it close until the still

boils, then put in each hogshead, three buckets or twelve gallons

boiling water, stirring it well at the same time--cover it close--stir

it at intervals until you perceive your rye is scalded enough, which you

will know by putting in your mashing stick, and lifting thereon some of

the scalded rye, you will perceive the heart or seed of the rye, like a

grain of timothy seed sticking to the stick, and no appearance of mush,

when I presume it will be sufficiently scalded--it must then be stirred

until the water is cold enough to cool off, or you may add one bucket or

four gallons of cold water to each hogshead, to stop the scalding.

I have known this process succeed well with an attentive distiller.

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