To Sweeten Hogsheads By Scalding

When you turn your vessels out of doors (for it is esteemed slothful and

a lazy mode to scald them in the still house,) you must wash them clean

with your scrubbing brush, then put in sixteen or twenty gallons boiling

water--cover it close for about twenty minutes, then scrub it out

effectually with your scrubbing broom, then rinse your vessel well with

a couple buckets clean cold water, and set them out to receive the

air--this method will do in the winter, provided they are left out in

the frost over night--but in summer, and especially during the months of

July and August, this mode will not do--it is during those extreme warm

months in our latitude, that the vessels are liable to contract putrid

particles, which may be corrected by the following mode of making

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