Rogers' Hybrid No 1

This variety, which is also too late in ripening for the East, to be

much esteemed there, fruited with me last season, and more than

fulfilled all the expectations I entertained of it. It is the best of

Mr. ROGERS' Hybrids, which I have yet tasted; and its productiveness,

healthy habit, large berry, and good quality, makes it one of the most

desirable of all the grapes we raise here, for the table and market.

Bunch medium, loose, shouldered; berry very large, oblong, pale

flesh-color; skin thin; pulp tender; few seeds, separating freely from

the pulp; sweet, vinous and juicy; quality very good. Ripens about same

time as Catawba. It is to be regretted that Mr. ROGERS has not named

some of the best of his hybrids, as the numbers give rise to many

mistakes, and a great deal of confusion. It would be in the interest of

grape-growing if this was avoided, by naming at least the best of them.

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